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TextWrite is a public relations consultancy and editorial services provider, established in 2001.  We bridge the gap between PR consultancy and copywriting - combining a full range of writing skills, expertise and support with a deep and effective understanding of strategic corporate communication. In short, we’re expert writers who know what we’re talking about when it comes to public relations.

Our services include public relations consultancy and support; any type of copywriting or freelance writing; issues management and crisis communication; media, writing and presentation training; and function organisation. We also support larger public relations consultancies by providing ‘white label’ editorial support or PR consultancy.

TextWrite operates throughout New Zealand and across Australia, the Asia Pacific region and Europe. Our crew of PR consultants and expert writers has many years of experience in large PR consultancies and leading media outlets.  By harnessing this experience we deliver to our clients an award-winning and increasingly rare combination of sound writing skills and first-rate communication consultancy and advice.

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