Support for PR consultancies

An important part of what we do is to support larger public relations consultancies by providing ‘white label’ PR consultancy and editorial services. What do we mean by that?  Well, we’ll present as part of your team, do whatever needs to be done, and make it look like you did it.

We’re a group of professional and accomplished communicators able to provide effective support on a confidential basis - whether it’s behind the scenes or in a client-facing capacity. And we’re ideally placed to help you take advantage of business opportunities without incurring extra overheads.

Do you need to resource some new business wins at short notice? Are you heading for one of those dreaded ‘peaks’ in workload?  Do you need to second someone into a client’s business? Are you understaffed? Or is there simply a gap in the service you feel you should be offering?

Whatever the need, we can provide the cover you need for public relations consultancy or editorial support - be it on a project basis or longer term. With TextWrite you get the best of both worlds; a bunch of fun professionals offering an increasingly rare combination of first-rate public relations consultancy and sound writing skills. All at realistic rates designed to help you make your margin.

Our expertise spans a wide range of sectors: agricultural, automotive, environmental, financial, forestry, industrial, manufacturing, medical, mining, pharmaceutical, retail, technology, telecommunications and travel.  

What’s to stop us from pinching your clients once you’ve entrusted us with those precious relationships?  A question we’re often asked!  Simple really – reputation. The market is just not big enough for that type of behaviour.  We’d be inflicting long-term damage on ourselves for short-term gain.  And if that’s not enough to convince you, feel free to ask around.  We’ll happily supply a list of PR consultancies who’ll bear witness to our integrity.

In fact, we’ll go one step further.  We undertake not to work for any current clients of any TextWrite ‘white label’ customer, regardless of how long ago we worked with you.  Unless, of course, we were working with them before you!  

So go on – add us to your suppliers roster. You’ll probably have questions, so please do just pick up the phone or let us know if you’d like to meet for a coffee. We’d be delighted to talk it all through with you and explore how we might complement your existing support with the right mix of skills and experience.

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